About WAC

WAC Inc. (World Arm Wrestling Championships, Inc.) is a sports entertainment franchise and media company focused on the promotion and production of live professional armwrestling events.  Its mission is to place the sport of armwrestling on a major stage by distributing these events with stellar production value, throughout the world.

WAC was founded during 2013 in Las Vegas by armwrestling industry leader Igor Mazurenko.  Mazurenko is regarded as the world’s leading authority on armwrestling and armwrestling promotion. 

Mazurenko Promotions, LLC, the parent company of WAC, is acknowledged as the No. 1 armwrestling promotional entity in the world and has produced an average of 10 live armwrestling events throughout both the United States and Europe for the past 15 years.  Mazurenko Promotions is the unquestioned brand leader in this growing sport.

During 2005, Mazurenko Promotions began producing live broadcasts of its events.  Thanks to its own scoring software, WAC customized the format of any event according to the needs of its media partners.  Mazurenko Promotions is the only armwrestling entity in the world that has delivered live broadcasts for the past 10 years.

Mazurenko Promotions promotes events such as the World Arm Wrestling Championships, the Professional Arm Wrestling World Cup, Vendetta in Vegas, Armfights and World Arm Wrestling Championship for the Disabled, among others, WAC also is producing an educational television program, “Real Arm Wrestling.”


The Growth

The business of armwrestling is booming.

This can be attributed to several reasons:

It is an activity that almost every male has engaged in at one time or another, usually first experienced during childhood.  It knows no age nor international boundaries;

The sheer ferocity with which the top-notch professional and amateur athletes compete makes for most compelling viewing, both for those in attendance at the events and those watching the broadcasts;

The organizational skill, experience and production values that Mazurenko Promotions brings to the sport, has led it to the pinnacle upon which it stands today: events attended by hundreds of thousands and viewed by hundreds of millions annually.

Various start-up companies are attempting to utilize armwrestling merely to create entertainment-driven products for broadcast by staging mock tournament competitions.  However, to satisfy the demands of both its legions of fans worldwide and participants as a credible sport, armwrestling requires organization and the implementation of rules and regulations across a series of live events.

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Our Response

Leveraging the unmatched industry experience of Mazurenko Promotions, WAC is transforming armwrestling into a globally recognized professional sport through athlete certification and the implementation of a stringent code of conduct and anti-doping policy.

WAC controls the Professional Arm Wrestling League USA (PAL USA) and the American Arm Wrestling Federation (AAF). 

Founded during 2011, the PAL USA works with professional athletes and armwrestling celebrities; initiates sporting events; and conducts educational activities and certification of athletes, coaches and officials.

The AAF works with amateur athletes, promotes amateur events and events for veterans and persons with disabilities.  As a member of the International Federation of Arm Wrestling for the Disabled, (IAFD), AAF will become the first organization in United States history to assemble a national armwrestling team for the 2015 Paralympic Games.

WAC, in conjunction with PAL USA, is in the midst of negotiating a partnership with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) which will facilitate the execution of a comprehensive drug testing program for WAC athletes. 

Also during 2015, WAC will unveil the annual Professional World Arm Wrestling Cup, two new TV series—Vendetta in Vegas and a 12-episode educational series, Real Arm Wrestling, that already has been filmed and edited—and an exciting new format for its professional tournament series.

Finally, WAC will increase its market share by signing more of the world’s top armwrestling competitors to PAL.


Our Strengths

WAC/Mazurenko Promotions is the world’s top promoter and authority in the sport of armwrestling, with a renowned reputation throughout the globe that allows it to attract athletes from more than 50 countries.

The other obvious attributes include: organization acumen; experience; cutting-edge industry technology; production values; international scope; and programs for officials, amateurs and the disabled.

The investment made by the WAC in the training of its athletes as well as various education and certification processes, allows for a continuous flow of new talent through its organization.



Target Market:

WAC’s target market is men, ages 18-54.  Women account for approximately seven to 10 percent of overall viewership, but women arm wrestlers comprise 30 percent of the total number of competitors. Thus there is significant growth potential in the female, ages 18-40 demographic.


While other start-up armwrestling franchises are operating with a limited number of stars and provide tape-delayed broadcasts of live events, WAC has engaged the entire global armwrestling community.

With the additional of its educational and training programs for youth, amateur and professional athletes and officials, WAC is able to expand its reach and the scope of its programming, making it a more attractive opportunity for sponsors looking to engage the same target demographic.

Producing events throughout the year, WAC has the bandwidth to increase the number of its live broadcast events throughout the world from 20 to 96, and to increase the production of media content in promotion of these live events, accordingly.

Key Elements:

With CBS Sports Network as a broadcast partner, WAC  launched Vendetta in Vegas tournaments broadcast.

Vendetta in Vegas is a series of events that already took place between 2009 and 2012.  This is an invitational, provocative show consisting of taped and live segments in which well-known winners and losers are encouraged to engage in rematches.  In each case, if the former opponents agree to a rematch, their bout will air live.
Both formats are held under real armwrestling regulations with professional referees.  Well-known celebrities are invited to participate as announcers.

Unique Advantages:

WAC is focused on the development of armwrestling as an authentic global sports discipline, rather than strictly a broadcast entertainment product. WAC covers all aspects of armwrestling that are important for long-term systematic development.  The company’s event management expertise, experience and media production capabilities allow it to adapt to any format requirements a broadcast partner may have.

Management Team:

Igor Mazurenko, USA WAC President and founder, PAL USA President, EAF (European Arm Wrestling Federation) Vice President Live Events, Professional Armwrestling World Cup founder and owner, IAFD (International Arm Wrestling Federation for the Disabled) Vice President.

Kirill Yakovlev, Ukraine, WAC Development Director International;

Marcin Melniczuk, Poland, WAC Score-keeping and IT-director;

Marek Wojciechowski, Poland,WAC Live Broadcast Director;

Michal Sendek, Poland, WAC Live Broadcast Sound&Light Director;